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St. Agatha’s Parish National Trust Conservation Appeal

The St Agatha’s Parish National Trust Conservation Appeal was officially launched at the “Evening of Music and Friendship” that was held on Friday 17 February 2012 and which was attended by in excess of 200 parishioners.

The aim of the Conservation Appeal is to raise sufficient monies to undertake much needed conservation work on our St Agatha’s Parish Presbytery and Church. Our financial goal is to raise $600,000 in order to complete the three stages of the identified works.

As a result of the generosity of a number of parishioners we have so far raised $350,000. Breaking this figure down, we have actual contributions (ie. monies in the bank) of $250,000 with additional outstanding pledges (over a number of years) of $100,000.

To date, a total of one hundred and thirty two individuals or family parishioners have contributed towards our Appeal.

With respect to the renovation work Stages 1 & 3 of the project (ie. the Presbytery) is now complete.  The total cost for completed works on the Presbytery was $300,000. The estimated cost of the next stage (stage 2 – the Church) is a further $300,000. This means the total project cost of all stages is $600,000. So currently the shortfall, for the conservation works is $250,000.

The urgent work for the Church building includes painting, the front facade, roof over the entrance/ chapels and exterior refurbishment. A large part of the cost involves the hiring of scaffolding to complete the conservation works.

On behalf of the parish community, the St Agatha’s Parish National Trust Conservation Appeal Committee would like to sincerely thank those parishioners who have generously donated to our Appeal.  The Parish does need your ongoing support for the appeal and for those parishioners who are still contemplating a contribution, you may care complete one of our donation forms which is located on this site. Any contributions of any size will be greatly appreciated. A reminder that donations are tax deductible. For anyone who has any queries regarding the Appeal, please feel free to contact us below.



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