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Parish Information Technology Group

sub_front1What is the Parish Information Technology Group?

In the age of digital communication it is our aim to embrace digital technologies to reach out to, informs and engage with our Parishioners.

The principal responsibilities of the Parish IT Group are:

  • The maintenance and updating of the Parish website
  • Communicating through our Parish Facebook page
  • Exploring and developing new ways to enhance our communication through digital technologies

The objectives of the Parish IT Group are:

  • To use our newly constructed Parish website and Facebook page to reach out to our community and to keep our Parishioners informed about Parish life and events as well as providing an avenue for all to share in our community with Christ.
  • Providing education and assistance to help our Parishioners to access digital technologies.
  • To assist with updating the Parish database
  • If you are interested in being part of the Parish IT Group please contact us below.