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17th Sunday in Ordinary Time 26.07.2015


The bishops of Queensland have asked me to be the vice-rector at the seminary. I have agreed to take up the new appointment and shall begin in January 2016.

This request came completely out of the blue. I had never thought of being part of the formation of those discerning the call to be priests. We have, as you all know, had a number of men in their final years of priestly formation live and work in the parish and enjoyed helping them. I gave no thought to the idea that this work may indicate I could be useful at the seminary. However, that is what has happened.

I made the decision to resign from caring for the parish as the care of the parish community demands more attention than I would be able to give while learning the new role at the seminary.

News of my appointment at the seminary goes public on 1 August. At that time the Archbishop will advise the priests that I am resigning as administrator and will call for expressions of interest from priests who may wish to minister here at St Agatha’s.

My last weekend will be October 31/November 1. All going well we should know then who will be my successor.

I have been here seventeen and a half years. My first mass was Anzac Day 1998. I love working in parishes and shall miss all of you here. We shall have farewell functions but that is yet to be organised. And no, I do not know who will replace me!


Caring for our common home is the title Pope Francis gave to his latest letter. This planet on which we live is our common home and the desire of the Pope and all people of good will is that all will feel at home in this “common home”.

Home conjures in our minds safety, shelter and nourishment for both body and soul. The fact that so many are born into situations of poverty and hungry is a scandal and a sin. Money is squandered on arms and feathering the nests of those in power rather than education, health and food. Rather than address creatively and courageously the production and distribution of food critics rail at those in developing countries and their desire to have children to care for and in time care for them. Limiting numbers of children born is the only way to alleviate hunger!

The prophet Elisha, successor to the end of time prophet Elijah, feeds many from little. Jesus likewise does the same. Few of us have gone hungry from circumstances over which we have no control. Food is plentifully available. What the Lord calls each of us to do is to respond generously to those who are deprived of what we enjoy so abundantly. Next Sunday is Mission Sunday and with what we give nourishment can be given to many. Other appeals exist and we are asked to respond generously to those as well. Choose what you can do and open your credit card and your heart so that those living on the edge can rejoice in the love you have for them.

Father Adrian Farrelly

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