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1st Sunday of Lent 14.02.2016

Dear sisters and brothers,

Thank you again to all who were part of last Sunday’s Installation Mass. It was important to me that it was a celebration of this community because the true strength of the Church rests with the gifts of all baptised. I look forward to journeying with you through the years ahead to build up the Church and serve God’s Kingdom in our part of the world.

Now to more practical matters. Starting this week (Monday), repair work will be carried out of the church roof. Tiles and roofing were damaged during the hail storm in November 2014. This repair work will require scaffolding being placed around the church for two-to-three weeks. As a consequence, external access around the church will be restricted at certain times. This may include the pathway between the church and presbytery which leads up to the school, but this will be only for short periods for safety reasons. This will also mean that the side-door of the church (presbytery side) may not be accessible during those periods. Special arrangements will be in-place during school drop-off and pick-up times, with a supervisor to be on-site to monitor safety. I know that these measures will cause some inconvenience but public and workplace safety are paramount. Please co-operate with all safety measures and directions, as this will ensure that the repairs are expedited smoothly and with minimal disruption. I will keep you updated as the repairs proceed.

This Sunday, at 3pm at the Cathedral, the Rite of Election is celebrated. This is an important step for those preparing to be initiated at the Easter Vigil. Tina Locantro and Indianna Wort will be welcomed as members of the Elect. This means that they, along with a couple of hundred others across the diocese, are moving into their final stage of preparation. Also we acknowledge those who are baptised in other traditions and those who will complete their Catholic initiation at the Easter vigil or during the Easter season. Please continue to pray for James Kelaher, Cate Barrett, Sam Toohey who will be received into the Church and Kelli Paton and Jarred Moss who will complete their Catholic initiation. They are a sign to us of the vitality of the Church and the rich calling of faith. May we be a sign to them of the joy, friendship and consolation which comes from being a follower of Christ.

Fr. Anthony

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