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24th Sunday in Ordinary Time 13.09.2015


Our news services reminded us very strongly and powerfully this week that pain and suffering are all around us. Locally, violent attacks have left women and children dead. In the Middle East displaced families flee their own countries trying to find safe haven in European countries and beyond.

This pain and suffering is not caused by natural disasters like floods, fires and earthquakes. This is the work of human hands directed by choice. The troubles of the Middle East are the result of nations using warring parties as proxies. Disagreements between one time partners can plunge a country into civil war. Perpetrators of domestic violence would resort to some kind of justification but they still planned what they did.

Suffering and pain is not an indicator that God has forgotten us or does not love us. At times we cry “why is this happening to me?”. The answer to the question is often blindingly obvious. Some person or persons for whatever reason has chosen to do harm, to wound or to kill. People have failed to do good and chosen to do wrong. Their wrong doing has had catastrophic consequences.

Where is God in this? God is crying with us. When this is our situation we can turn to Our Lord. His pain and suffering was inflicted on him by others. His Father still loved him and he in turn loved those near to him consoling women who were upset by his suffering, assuring one being executive alongside him that he would enter paradise that way. His pain and suffering were real but his acceptance that God loved him in the midst of all gave him the strength he needed. Mary watched her only child die and knows also what we feel. She stands with us and prays for us. She knows her Son will not see us go wanting.

Fr Adrian Farrelly

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