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2nd Sunday of Easter 03.04.2016

Dear sisters and brothers,

This weekend we welcome Fr. Kevin Njoku as the new Associate Pastor in Clayfield. Fr Kevin arrived in Brisbane last year from his home diocese of the Umuahia in Nigeria. He has come to us after serving as the Associate Pastor in the parish of Capalaba/Alexandria Hills. I know that you will make him welcome – as you have me – and that you will appreciate his ministry in this community.

Next Sunday, the pastoral council will host an important gathering after the 9am Mass. Over the past couple of months, the Parish Pastoral Council (PPC) has been discussing ways of looking to the future with some strategic vision. With this in mind, the PPC is inviting parishioners to a planning session on Sunday, April 10. “Looking Ahead”: Parish Planning Day will be an opportunity to gather a cross section of our parishioners together and imagine some immediate and longer term goals and opportunities for the parish community. This is your opportunity to pay a part in shaping the future of St Agatha’s Parish. We hope that you can join us next Sunday in the APAC building from 10:30am-12:30pm. Please RSVP to the Parish Office for catering purposes.

Thanks to my niece, Angela, I discovered last Sunday afternoon that the “parish” has at least two Facebook pages. This came as a great surprise to me because the only Facebook page that I was aware of was the St. Aggies Facebook page. Please be aware that, apart from the youth page, St. Agatha’s currently has NO official Facebook page. This may change in the future but if you have “liked” a Facebook page carrying the title of St. Agatha’s, Clayfield, it has no official connection with the parish, and therefore, we cannot administer or moderate it. These pages may well have been set-up with good intentions but they have no official connection to this parish. If you “liked” one of these pages, I advise you to “unfriend”.

Certainly, one of the areas that I would like to talk about our upcoming parish planning day is our place in the social media space. Nevertheless, all official channels of communication will always be listed at the top of the parish newsletter.

Again, thanks to all who made my first Easter in Clayfield such a memorable experience. There is plenty more of “Easter” left for us to celebrate. May this Easter season continue to lift our hearts in hope and joy.

Fr. Anthony

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