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Confirmation 2013

Monday night will see 110 of our young people receive the sacrament of confirmation, Archbishop Coleridge will administer the sacrament.  There will be two ceremonies: one at 5pm, the second at 7pm


When he anoints each candidate with chrism, the special perfumed oil used at baptism, confirmation and ordination to priesthood) he ways “Be sealed with the gift of the Holy Spirit”.  From ordinary experience we know the importance of sealing something be it a food container we store in the fridge, an envelope we send in the mail  –  “Is it sealed properly?” Sealing is the way we keep safe what is inside.  In business important documents are marked with the corporation seal to let others know they are authentic.

With our young friends, Archbishop Coleridge a successor of the apostles who received the Holy Spirit at

Pentecost putting chrism on their foreheads, seals in the gift of the Spirit, he confirms that these young Catholic Christians are genuine.  The Holy Spirit came to them in baptism and now the gift is sealed lest it be spoilt in anyway.

These young brothers and sisters will continue to grow in the faith with the help of their parents and us, the wider community of the Church.  Many of them will make their first Holy Communion next month but even now Jesus relies on them to make him known and to complete his work of helping everyone know God loves them personally and is always with them.  They will listen to the voice of Jesus the good shepherd, who never abandons them.

This is a time of great joy.  Keep them in your prayers.

Fr Adrian Farrelly


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