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The Ascension of the Lord 08.05.2016

Dear sisters and brothers,

Last weekend, we held our survey regarding a change of time to our Saturday night Mass. The proposal was to trial a 5pm Mass from July until the end of the year. The results of the vote are as follows:

43 – Yes to the trial
15 – No to the trial
(3 votes suggested a 5:30pm).

After consultation with the Pastoral Council, I have decided to introduce a trial of a 5pm from the first Saturday night in July (2nd July) until the end of December. If by November or so, the numbers are between 90-100 on a regular basis, I think we could conclude that the trial has been successful and we will maintain that Mass. If it remains a similar number to what it is now, which is between 70-80 people, we can have another survey to see what people would like to do. The reason I am not suggesting a 5:30pm is because Hendra has a Saturday night Mass at that time and I think it is wise to provide an option to neighbouring parishes. This will mean that Clayfield would be 5pm on Saturday night, with Hendra at 5:30pm and Nundah at 6pm. I am expecting that there will be some teething problems in the initial stages (I might even forget to turn-up at 5pm one night!), and after a few weeks it may even look as though the change wasn’t a very good idea. However, I am confident that the change will be positive in the long-run and become an opportunity to revitalise the Saturday evening Mass. I ask our regular Saturday night Mass-goers to be patient during the transition, and I am sorry to those who attend 6pm but won’t be able to make a 5pm. The change is an attempt to offer members of St. Agatha’s community with an alternative to their weekend routine. In the coming weeks, the parish office will be in contact with all our rostered ministers on Saturday nights and ask them to confirm their continued availability. There will be plenty of advertising and reminders of the change of time over the coming weeks, but just to re-iterate: From the first Saturday in July (2nd July), we will trial a 5pm Mass with Reconciliation at 4:30pm.

On this Feast of the Ascension, we welcome our children and families who are preparing for the sacrament of Confirmation. We celebrate the Rite of Enrolment for our children, and I am sure that you will encourage them with a smile and a greeting and words of support. Please keep these children and their families in your prayers over the coming weeks.

Fr. Anthony

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