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The Epiphany of the Lord 03.01.2016

Stars guide the way of pilgrims and wise ones.
Stars are pin-points of light, beacons of hope, sprinkles of promise.

The prophet has told us that a light has shone —
that the people who walked in darkness have seen a great light.

These are beautiful words of hope.

We have been preparing to hear these words. We have been waiting for the day.

The Magi travelled a long way to celebrate this day.
They followed a light, not knowing where it would lead.
All the way, expectation was growing in their heart.
What would they find when the star finally led them to their destination?

They brought gifts too – Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh.
They brought gifts to the One who is Gift.
Gold for a King.
Frankincense for offering prayer and praise.
Myrrh for one who would die.

Some mystics have other ideas of what these gifts are for.
Not quite so theological.
St. Bernard of Clairvaux was more earthy:
Gold supported the Holy Family on their escape to Egypt,
incense freshened the atmosphere in the stinking stable,
myrrh delivered the newborn Christ Child from any worms that infested his intestines.
St. Bernard had the eye of a mid-wife.

What earthy gifts do we pilgrims and wise ones bring?
More importantly, what gifts do we wish to receive?
What light do we wish to see in our darkness?
What pin-points of hope do we long to see amid the darkness of the world?

There is the darkness that we know only too well:
war and destruction, poverty and desolation,
hatred and enmity, bitterness and sorrow.

And yet, amid this darkness there are stars that guide our way.

Stars serve as a reminder and a promise;
a presence and a guarantee.
The Great Light shines on us.

But we too must be lights which guide the way.
Darkness is conquered by the divine light which God gives.
In this light, we glow with an ever-greater goodness
whose source comes from beyond us.
We become lamps of faith – even if only little lamps,
anonymous glimmers of grace.

Yes, there is darkness still, but there is more than enough light.

There is the promise of the dawning of a new and brighter day,
like the rising sun coming to greet us.
And there is also us, and countless others of faith,
shining like stars spread across the face of night and shadows —
pin-points of light, beacons of hope, sprinkles of promise.

Pilgrims and wise ones look to the stars and see the flicker of hope.
The people who walk in darkness have seen a great light:

Happy New Year

Fr Anthony

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