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Children’s Liturgy of the Word



Children’s Liturgy of the Word (CLOW) provides the opportunity for primary school aged children from Prep to Grade 4 to participate in their own Liturgy of the Word at Mass.

At St Agatha’s, Clayfield, CLOW is celebrated during the 9.00 am Mass on most Sundays of the school term.

What takes place?

At the beginning of Mass, the presiding priest will invite the children to gather at the foot of the altar to collect the Crucifix and Children’s Book of the Gospels.

The priest will then say a short prayer and give the children his blessing before they exit the church with their leaders.

The Liturgy is celebrated in the O’Connell Centre (ground floor of St Agatha’s primary school), where the children remain with their leaders until being asked to return to the Church by a Church leader. This usually occurs about the time of the Offertory procession.

At the O’Connell Centre, the children sit together in a semi-circle around a small table draped with a coloured cloth, representing the liturgical colours of the Church season.

The Liturgy begins with the leader lighting the candle, saying an opening prayer, followed by the Gospel using a child friendly translation. We then have discussion at an age appropriate level with links being made to their daily lives (Homily). The children then do an activity centred around the Gospel.

If time permits the liturgy ends with a closing prayer and quiet reflection. The children are then escorted back to the Church by their leaders at Communion time to re-join their family.

NB: Pre-school aged children are welcome to attend, but MUST BE accompanied by a parent or adult carer nominated by the parent.

Interested in joining the Team?

CLOW is always looking for new members to join its dedicated team of volunteers.

Could you be one of them?

Team members are from varied backgrounds, and can be single, married, parents, or grand-parents.

The commitment consists of being placed on a roster for usually one session per term. Those new to the role are paired with a more experienced leader. Blue cards are organised through the Parish office.

If you share a love of the liturgy and wish to assist in the spiritual development of young school-aged children, you are invited to attend and observe any of the Sunday CLOW sessions before committing to join the team.

For any further enquiries please contact the Parish office 3262 2859.

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