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Our Heritage Listed Church

agmainSt Agatha’s Church was built in 1925 and the Presbytery in1924 at a time when the Catholic Church in Brisbane was expanding rapidly under the guidance of Archbishop Duhig. Both the Church and Presbytery buildings were listed on the Heritage of the Brisbane City Council in 1996. The buildings satisfy a number of criteria including cultural, historical, special organizational, aesthetic and architectural significance.

Proposed building works involve heritage related preservation and maintenance.

Preparing the way for the future.

We are truly fortunate to have such an outstanding church and presbytery to celebrate the life of Christ as a community. It is our responsibility to preserve and maintain these important and iconic buildings to pass on to future generations.

How can I help?

If you are able to contribute to the appeal all donations are tax deductible as part of the National Trust Conservation Appeal. Please give generously.