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15th Sunday in Ordinary Time 13.07.2014


Last year the parish celebrated a ball at Portside to the delight of many and the exhaustion of the organisers. This year we celebrate a meal together adults and children. This coming Friday July 18 we shall dine on roast pork and other meats, roast vegetables, dessert and a cash bar. Mid July in the under cover Presentation Centre at the school will be chilly so come warmly dressed. Final numbers are needed by Monday so book online through the parish website or pay at mass today. We plan a simple but enjoyable night.

Jesus often used a meal setting when he spoke of the kingdom of God which he said was close by. The phrase was his short-hand way of inviting people to share in a relationship with God by choice, that he had by nature as the Son of God. Sitting down to a shared meal was a perfect image as it captured enjoyable company and soul satisfying nourishment. Best of all was that God was the host and Jesus the one who served the meal.

Sharing like this is the end point to which creation is heading. This sharing is making its appearance and it is indeed like a great act of giving birth which involves pain but then arrives at delight in the new born. The kingdom of God as our relationship with God does take place little by little like a seed germinating and the plant appearing. For the best crop we need to co-operate fully with what God is calling us to be.

So, live the sharing of the kingdom here and now even though later it will be in its fullness. Come along on Friday and have a small taste of heaven with our spit roast.

Fr Adrian Farrelly

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