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30 Sunday in Ordinary Time 23.10.2016

Dear sisters and brothers,

The judgement of our God is true and upright.

Today, the Church draws our attention to the fact that God is our Just Judge, whose judgment favours the humble.

Theodicy, is from the Greek words: “theo”, god and “dike”, justice. It is the vindication of God’s Goodness and Justice in the face of the existent evil. Our God does not show favoritism, He is firm in his judgments and decisions. He is not biased and cannot be bribed. Yet, He is a compassionate and loving Judge who does not treat the offender with impunity or harshness nor does he sentence them.

One little novel that left a very positive impression on me during my early college days like: Animal Farm and The Incorruptible Judge, focused on the real-life value of a judge who portrayed exceptional honesty, fair play patriotism, bravery, truthfulness, purity of purpose and an excellent strength of character.

God vindicates the upright and corrects the sinner. As a father, he does not apply capital punishment; rather, he gently corrects and wins us back.

Today’s gospel teaches us not to judge others, because the judgment of mortals is biased, selfish, egocentric and easily confused. What transpired between the publican and the tax collector is typical of the scenario we find in some of our religious gatherings or organizations, offices, families, etc, where some people, [like the Pharisees] sit over a cup of coffee/tea, sometimes a glass of cold beer to judge others. They look at themselves as the role models others must imitate or as if they are the real, pious and holy ones.

Self-righteous people often judge wrongly because of their own weakness of mind and ignorance of how God operates.

May we never place ourselves where we do not belong and place others where we feel they should be. In humility, let us humbly acknowledge our nothingness, vulnerability and weaknesses …“For everyone who exalts himself will be humbled, but the man who humbles himself will be exalted.”

Fr. Kevin

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