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3rd Sunday of Easter 10.04.2016


It is good to respond to our individual vocations. Just like the biblical story of Jesse, I was born into the family of four; one girl and three boys. I am the youngest child.

My father passed on when I was still quite young, while I lost my dear Mum last year December 15, 2015; I was just three months in Australia.

At the age of twelve I entered the minor Seminary. In 1995 after spiritual year experience l applied to be sent to the Major Seminary where l obtained Bachelor’s Degree in philosophy [1999]. Due to the need of the Diocese, I was sent for one-year pastoral experience. In 2004, l obtained Bachelor’s degree in Theology.

After one-year internship, I was ordained a Deacon in January, 2005. In July of the same year, I was ordained a Catholic priest. Over ten years of my priestly ministry in Nigeria I had worked in four different parishes as an assisting priest and eventually as a Parish Priest in the fifth parish. However, my working in these number of parishes within ten years was as a result of my concurrent appointment as the director in charge of St Joseph’s Skills Acquisition Centre in the Diocese. This is an institution where youths are being trained in different skills and empowered by Catholic Church. This enabled me to coordinate more with the youths. Also, it necessitated my obtaining a third degree in Economics (2013), which greatly assisted my work then. I was sent by the Bishop to Australia on Mission in September last year, with my arrival on the September 3, 2015. To date, this remains the longest journey that l have ever embarked upon.

I have also travelled to a few other places; the Holy Land, Egypt, as well as to United States of America. As past times, I guess I find lots of interest in lawn tennis, table tennis and soccer.

My call to the priesthood gave me a fresh breeze of the Holy spirit, the spirit of the renewal. I have always seen myself happy as a priest. I feel happier when I see my ministry as a priest relevant in the life of others. The real bad moment I ever had in my life as a priest was the passing of my mother.

However, in every situation I believe that ‘The Lord is Good; All The Time’. I will forever remain grateful to the parishioners of St Anthony’s and St Luke’s Parish, Capalaba/Alexandra Hills. I have had a soft landing there; they first welcomed me and stood by me in my moment of grief.

I am happy to work in this parish as an associate pastor for the next three years as it is being stipulated in my appointment letter. It might surprise you to hear that everyone who heard of my appointment to this parish positively congratulated me based on the fact that I am going to work with a good Parish Priest Fr Anthony Mellor. I have also seen the wonderful parish staff as Fr Stephen earlier informed me. I guess I am looking forward to interacting with the promising and talented young of the parish and the friendly Parishioners at large.

With faith and hope in the Risen Lord, I pray that we all will work harmoniously for our salvation and to the greater glory of God. Amen.

Fr. Kevin

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