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3rd Sunday of Lent 28.02.2016

Dear sisters and brothers,

You may have noticed on the banner of the newsletter, a new addition to the list of names and responsibilities. Some time ago, Fr Adrian appointed Marie Ho to be the parish’s “Local Safeguarding Children and Vulnerable Adults Representative”. Under Archdiocesan policy, every parish is required to have such a representative. Marie will be responsible for ensuring that the parish and all its volunteers are aware of the importance of safeguarding children and vulnerable adults, promoting safe practice, including what is inappropriate and appropriate behaviour, and, with our Parish Leadership, assisting in the administration of the Archdiocesan Safeguarding Children Policy. We are reminded, particularly in these days of the Royal Commission, that creating an environment in which everyone feels safe and protected is a responsibility of us all. We all need to look out for another one. I am sure that you will support Marie in her role as our local representative. I am very grateful to Marie to accepting this responsibility.
On another note, I realised very quickly upon my arrival here in the parish that Fr Stephen was a much-appreciated presence in our community. Sadly for us, after consultation with his bishop, Fr Stephen has decided to return to Korea. His final Sunday here at St Agatha’s will be Easter Sunday. Fr Stephen has a very easy style and engages warmly with this community, and this is a great gift that he has shared with us. We will organise a time to farewell Fr Stephen, but in the meantime, I am sure that you will offer him your own words of appreciation and support. There is no truth in the rumour that Stephen is joining the international tennis circuit as Roger Federer’s doubles partner. Let us keep Stephen in our prayers as he prepares to return to his home. While Fr Stephen is irreplaceable, Archbishop Mark Coleridge will appoint a new Associate Pastor in the near future.

The repair work to the roof is now mostly complete and, as you can see, the scaffolding has been removed from the side of the church. Thank you to the school and parish community for your patience while these disruptions were in place. There is still more repair work to be carried out at the back of the church, but that should not be disruptive. This year is a leap year, so make sure that you make the most of the extra day of Lent on Monday (29th)!

Fr. Anthony

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