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4th Sunday of Lent 06.03.2016

Dear sisters and brothers,

With Fr Stephen’s returning to Korea after Easter, Archbishop Mark Coleridge has appointed Fr Kevin Njoku as the new Associate Pastor in Clayfield. Fr Kevin arrived in Brisbane last year from his home diocese of the Umuahia in Nigeria. He is currently serving as the Associate Pastor in the parish of Capalaba/Alexandria Hills. Fr Kevin will begin his appointment after Easter and I know that you will make him welcome when he arrives.

Meanwhile, we will farewell Fr Stephen with a morning tea after the 9am Mass on Palm Sunday (20th March). There is also the opportunity to donate to a “thank you” gift by placing a contribution in the envelopes provided. These can be placed on either collection plate over the next two weekends or delivered to the office.

This Sunday we hear the famous parable of the prodigal son. I remember coming across this alternative ending a few years ago. It always makes me smile:

While the father and elder son are arguing in the backyard, the mother comes out and says, “Now I have had just about enough.” To her husband, “You’ve always favoured our youngest and you know it. Our elder son works hard every day and you take him for granted. I hardly ever hear you say ‘thank you,’ except to the hired hands. It’s about time you started noticing your family for a change.” Then to the elder son, “And you….always the martyr. You act as if you’re the only one who has to go the extra mile. Well, I have to do it and so does everybody else. It’s time you learned to swallow hard and rise about the things in life that are unfair. Stop your silly pouting.” She then goes and gets the younger son. “And you, the spoiled little prince – in there celebrating and you never even thought to ask about your brother and apologize for leaving him to do all the work. It’s about time you realized that the whole world doesn’t revolve around you.” Then to the three of them, “Work out your differences some other time. We’ve got company, so get in there and start acting like family instead of three-year-olds.” Reconciliations can be complicated but that’s no reason not to reconcile.

Mercy and forgiveness are a tricky business, particularly within families. In this Year of Mercy, are there any relationships that we need to think about entering into the risky business of reconciliation?

Fr. Anthony

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