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5th Sunday in Ordinary Time 07.02.2016

Sisters and brothers,

The word “installation” conjures up all kinds of images. One of the definitions of “installation” is “putting into place”. Setting aside the fact that many people have wanted to “put me in my place” over the years, a ritualised installation of a new parish priest, as we celebrate this Sunday, acknowledges the many connections of our ecclesial relationships. The ritual of installation doesn’t focus solely upon the role of the parish priest. The role of pastor of any community is multi-layered. As an ordained minister, the priest is called to be a witness to the Living Word. Preaching is worthless without seeing that Word alive in the life of the one who preaches. The pastor leads the community of faith which God gathers together, and, with the whole Church, calls forth the Holy Spirit to make present again the life of Christ in all its force and power. This is what the sacramental life of the Church is all about. At the same time, Clayfield, or any parish community, isn’t a community complete in itself. Our Catholic memory reaches deep into human history; our Catholic hope anticipates an eternal future. Every Catholic liturgy stretches our imagination beyond time and place, beyond the people that we can see and know, beyond our sense of “now”. We share a deep communion with other human beings, across the world and across the ages.

That is why Archbishop Mark Coleridge is here today. The bishop is the sign of unity with the Universal Church; universal in place (throughout the world) and universal in history (throughout time). As an ordained minister, I participate in the bishop’s ministry as a co-worker. As baptised people, we collectively participate in the Church’s mission. The ministry and mission of the Church, is in turn, nothing less than a participation in the mission of Jesus Christ. Ministry exists for one purpose: to serve the mission of the Church which is a sign of the greater mission of God. All of these bonds of communion are seen in a clearer light today, but these bonds are realised every time we are gathered together. God has drawn us together. May God continue to light the way ahead for us. May we all be willing to offer our gifts, and our very being, to respond to what God is doing among us.

Fr. Anthony

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