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Sunday of the Resurrection of the Lord 27.03.2016

Dear sisters and brothers,

Happy Easter! After our Lenten preparation, we made our annual pilgrimage to the central feast of our faith. Thank you to all who have been part of our celebrations over the last three days — all our parish staff, musicians, ministers and helpers. You have made my first Easter at St. Agatha’s a truly memorable one.

We also share in the joy of Tina Locantro and Indianna Wort who were fully initiated into the Church at the Easter Vigil. Congratulations also to James Kelaher and Cate Barrett who were received into the Church, and Jarred Moss and Kelli Paton who completed their initiation. I thank those who journeyed with them, and in particular their sponsors who have been companions to them as the walked the path through the font to the altar. Let us continue to pray for them that the Spirit of New Life may grow ever-stronger in their hearts and minds.

This past week has reminded us that we leave in an uncertain world as we are drawn into images and stories of yet another terrorist attack. We celebrate Easter as a decisive statement against the power of evil to have the last word on human history and human existence. Despite the realities of darkness, Easter stands as God’s verdict against the worst of human deeds and the destructive power of human acts. The bright light of Easter dawn makes a claim on the limits of darkness, and is God’s final word that death is not a power at all. No matter how things might seem, no matter how absolute the finality of death appears, God always has something else in store. There are no stones that can’t be rolled away. There are no tombs that will forever remained sealed. There is no darkness that can stop that dawn of a new day. We are a people who acknowledge that the true Light of the World is our only hope. Darkness creeps into our consciousness and imagination. The angel of Easter tells us, “Don’t be afraid. Don’t be afraid of anything. Death, your greatest fear, is your pathway to true life.” Easter, this unlikely story, is the story of how we become our true and best and most real selves. God longs to release us from everything that imprisons us and limits us and turns us in on ourselves. The proclamation of Easter is that the world may well do its worst, but God is the ultimate power who summons all things to life, even in the black despair of suffering and death. Indeed, Christ is Risen! Alleluia, Alleluia!
Fr. Anthony

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